August 18th, 2006


Poor Girls

I was just behind a car whose license plate holder read "Grandma's girls: Britney & Ashley".

Apparently someone hopes that their offspring will inherit their "shallowness" genes...
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Sri Yantra

Slogging Forward

Last night's show felt a bit strange, though most of that probably had to do with my mental state. Partway through the night I got an email from Larri, which was enough to put me a bit off for the rest of the night.

Otherwise, though - Honey showed up with a group of Google people in tow, and stayed for a good part of the night for a change. That was nice. Crystal showed up seeming a bit less, well, weird, and confided that she hadn't touched any booze for 10 days. All my hopes to her - she seems to be a genuinely nice girl.

tlslive and Albert showed up, which was fun, if occasionally distracting.

The night had a pleasant feel to it, just a little less cohesive than usual, probably because of all the new people.

In what seems to be becoming standard behavior, most everyone left by 12:30. I finished off my last round at about 1:05, which was still enough to give supersniffles two songs.

I had everything closed up well before 2:00, but stayed until well after, enjoying the WiFi. Then off to some decompression at Cardinal Lounge, then home to compose a response to Larri's message. That took until around 6:30. I could tell I was stressed at the Lounge, too. The dish I got was uncomfortably too much food, but I couldn't stop myself from finishing it.

Unfortunately, I both needed to talk to the escrow officer and get up for a farewell lunch for Stuart at 11:45. Life is so hard, etc, etc. I continued to not have luck with her, but did manage a nice lunch with Stuart, Chuck, Sol, and Michael. Good people, all of them.

Then home, to finally contact the escrow officer, and get her version of things. Which was odd - her claim was that unless all liens could be satisfied, the sale couldn't go through. I now have the impression that it looks that way to her because all the negotiations have to occur before the sale goes to escrow.

I sent a couple more voicemails to my lawyer, and started a reasonably detailed email.

Then I lost consciousness for a couple of hours. When my body needs sleep, it gets insistent.

I finished the email, then tried to contact my mortgage company. I now have what is probably the right department, but they'd left for the weekend. Dammit.

I then had my lawyer call me back, which was, well, mostly a very calming experience. I got some information I needed, and a few ideas of how to proceed, especially about the support order and how to at least get the dollar amount to the correct level. Every $100,000 counts.

As it is, it looks like I may be able to get out of all this with Larri paid current, and continuing to owe around $50K to the mortgage company. Which, depending how they handle it, could be survivable. Or they could just write it off.

I do, however, still need to talk to Paula, and also either make the eBay thing miraculously flap its wings and take off, or get some low-level job I can handle.
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