August 14th, 2006


Attack of the Megalithic Phone Company

I tried to pay my Cingular bill this weekend - it was due on the 12th and all.

It still read at over $3,000.

So I just got off the phone with them. The original 3-5 days of "review" were apparently increased - I'm supposed to get a decision on the 15th. Maybe. Unless they extend it.

I'm also not too sure whether they fixed the plan or not.

It of course took the usual half an hour to find that out.

I just love large corporations and their billing departments.
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In Other Breaking News

The people that were supposed to sign the counteroffer balked slightly at the last minute - they want a $15,000 credit to repair the place.

That counter-counteroffer should be hitting Cynthia's fax soon.

We're going to counter-counter-counteroffer with a price $10,000 higher, with a $15,000 credit. My idea to actually give up $5,000 that way.

I'm hoping this will be seen as an attempt to negotiate fairly, as opposed to a sign of weakness.

For those who don't know, this is the norm in real estate. You've got to haggle.
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In Other Drama

I'm still trying to find out what's happening with this one lamp. And getting nowhere. I've been dealing with them daily on this subject since the 4th. I've been using their chat interface (I'm always better with text), but tried calling today, to see if I could at least get the seller rep on the line.

That, of course, isn't allowed. But at least this person could walk over and talk to her. That is, would have been able to, if the rep had been at her desk.

So I'm supposed to get a phone call later telling me that the rep hasn't heard from the supplier. Yay.
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In Real Drama

The preliminary title report on the property shows a lien for unspecified back support from my ex-wife.

  1. I lost my job actually before the divorce was final

  2. I procrastinate like crazy, so it took over a year before I had the support adjusted

  3. Back support garners 10% interest

  4. It was a ridiculously large amount in the first place
The amount owed is considerably more than I could make off the home sale.

I'm not totally sure what happens now. This lien didn't show up on the title report for the last refinance, so there's a whole load of shit that could happen between me, the lender, and the title company for the refinance.

If I can't get her to lift the lien, the place goes into foreclosure - which bounces back to the situation in the previous paragraph.

So I need to dig up the correct forms, dig up her phone number, and try to convince her to lift the lien for a fraction of its value. If I can do that, I'll just be, well, poor. Which beats a lot of the alternatives.

The fact that she's mentally ill, bears a large grudge, and negotiates from a take-no-prisoners point of view gives me the feeling this is not going to be a good week.
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Eye Candy

Last night's show was pretty awesome. Also, extremely busy for a Sunday. I had something like 27 singers at one point.

I ran for 5 rounds, the last one ending at about 1:45. Which fortunately meant that everybody got to sing a reasonable amount - like lucydogstringer, who was in late, but still got a couple of songs.

It was definitely a good night for me - especially with the presence of the lovely Natalie and tomato_thief, as well as the molto cute Sunny.

Contrary to her habit, Sunny actually stayed all night. This might have had something to do with the fact that she was with her friend Charlene, as opposed to Roy. For whatever reason, it was the usual huge amount of fun having her there.

But wait! There's more! qzar_mystik brought the very attractive Rosa from ComedySportz, and misswong77 made a quick appearance to decompress after an extremely painful trip from Southern California.

Quite the happy old lech was I.

trivialt also made an appearance for a few hours. But, while I hugely appreciated the hugs, it just wasn't the same...

So, after quite the cheery evening, I dropped synkitty off at her place, decompressed at Carrows, then went home for some deserved unconsciousness.

Today, well, I've been posting about today's various levels of drama as the day has progressed. I have a call in to my lawyer, and a lot of research I need to do.

I'm not dead yet! I... just frequently feel it...

But there is a definite possibility that I may be out from under the cloud of the last several years in another month. I don't even know how I'd deal with that...
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