August 12th, 2006


Real States

CCF yesterday was a lot of fun. In the end we were myself, misswong77, kshandra, timenchanter, trivialt, yammylee and Chris. Good people and great conversation. And, of course, good clam chowder.

Timmie just had to order the chocolate cake, so I ended up taking way too many forks full of the stuff.

Lucinda had to leave around 7:30, so we kinda dissolved. I drove Kirsten back home, went to mine, then collapsed.

Apparently all that "lack of sleep" thing finally caught up with me. I still slept kinda fitfully, but I still got a fair amount, which has been a nice change.

The Cheesecake Factory effect has kicked in again - today's weight measurement was a drop of 3 pounds over yesterday's.

Today has been relatively uneventful, though I am involved in negotiations for the house - I ended up spending about 2 hours figuring out how to effectively scan and fax 11 pages of documents.

So it's possible it may be sold by tomorrow. Which would be very cool.

After I finally finished that, I scooped up Timmie and markobellydance, and ran them up to Alameda, to the going-away party. Which has been very low key, but fun.

Of course, I'm also more than a little tipsy at this point, which might be clouding my judgement just a wee bit.

Gods, this sale thing is stressing me out...
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