August 11th, 2006



It's kind of last minute, but misswong77 wants to do a CCF at 5:30 today, at the usual Valley Fair location.

So far there are 5 of us. If you're interested in good food and good conversation, let one of us know, or just show up in time to be counted for the table size.

For those who don't know: CCF stands for Clam Chowder Friday. And CheeseCake Factory.
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Unreality - Or Is It?

Last night's show was, well, odd. It was pretty packed for a good portion of the night, then kind of evaporated around 12:30.

At least that meant I was able to get supersniffles in for two songs.

I ended up spending a great deal of time with Angela in the booth. I think I knew her LJ name at one point, but it escapes me right now. That was a lot of fun - we were mostly talking gossip, but there was a definite amount of dancing in there, too.

I don't tend to object to cute girls hanging out with me. Even if they do have really cool boyfriends at home. Sigh.

So at least I had fun. It looked like quite a few other people had fun, too, which is good, since that's the point. I did get a certain amount of rotation length bitching during the one ginormous rotation, but nothing too serious.

I finished off the last song around 1:45, packed up, dropped synkitty off at home, then headed to mine to collapse. I still didn't make it into bed until about 3:00, and then somehow woke up at 9:00. And haven't gotten any more sleep since then. Oy.

There's some movement on the house front. A couple of realtors came in to look at the place, and were extremely enthusiastic. Someone else put in an insultingly low offer, which I'm countering. And the termite report came in. I'm not infested with the little buggers, but there's about $1,000 worth of dry rot work to be done in the hall bath. Not too surprising - Casey always used to leave a pool on the floor every time he took a shower. In any case, not something that's a too-expensive dealbreaker.

Meanwhile, my shipment woes continue, with continued lack of communication from the supplier. Joy.

And shortly I'll be off to pick up kshandra, and head to CCF.
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Some days, the brain, she does not work so well.

Especially when you look back and realize you took a lecturing tone with someone. While discussing their specialty. The thing they went to college for, and do as a job every day.

And whose opinion you respect.

And then, to top it all off, you went on and on about a subject you'd previously discussed, and won't shut up about it.

So, ummm, Lee? Could you pass my apologies on to Chris?
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