August 4th, 2006


Night of the Clarkson

Last night was, well, unique.

First of all, all declarations aside, I was late for the show. There apparently was a Kelly Clarkson concert at Shoreline, and traffic was backed up on 101 and well up the 237. It took me 40 minutes just to get to the bar from Milpitas.

Things were emptyish, as usual, though the triumvirate showed up to set up for markobellydance's party. The crepe paper streamers on the fan were cute - though I ended up with orange and yellow streamer fragments in and around the DJ booth.

And I would have started on time - except I tried to fix the yellow mic problem. Essentially, there appears to be a lot of interference in the band the mic uses, and sometimes when it changes from one antenna to the other, there's a loud "pop". This is of course more noticeable the further the mic is away from the system.

So I tried to find a better frequency. And kept trying. With very little luck. Before I knew it, the show was 10 minutes late - and I was still on the floor of the booth, playing with frequencies.

So hey, maybe later.

The first round was slowish for a Thursday - just 14 people. The second round started to look the same. I assume what happened about then was that the concert got out.

People started pouring into the place. And I mean pouring. It was ridiculous. I only have space for 40 individual singers on the chart. That was completely full by 11:00. I had to start running around and verifying that people had left, so I could use their slot on the chart.

By some miracle, I managed to get a song in for almost every unique person just before 2:00 (Sorry, mvmedic!). Of course, one group was still unhappy, because they desperately wanted to do "Billy Jean", but, well, tough cookies.

Definitely an interesting time. I survived on Rockstar pretty much all night - in fact I ended the night with the remains of the last can in the bar. Marko was bombarded by free drinks from all directions, and spent a great deal of the night being quite entertaining. I managed to get a few great hugs from the lovely wissavix, who was rather unfairly also wearing a remarkably enticing perfume. I also somehow ended up in a spanking contest with a very drunk Kristin. That was fun - if a little distracting while I was trying to announce...

Tips were quite impressive - starting with the $20 "someone" snuck into the tip jar before the beginning of the show. Some were bribes for changes in position, but a lot was just direct tips. That was cool.

I didn't have time to file slips before the end of the show, so I didn't finish closing down until about 2:40. Then I went home and slept. I of course woke up for a few hours in the morning, slept a few more, then had to get up a bit before noon - today I had my first run of "deep cleaning". So the right side of my mouth has now been sanitized for my protection.

I get to wait until later in the month for the left side. I think it's going to feel kind of odd.

I've talked with Cynthia, and I'm going to go with her - we're getting together to sign the listing contract on Sunday. She's hoping to get $675K for the place, though $650K is a lot more likely. I'm going to have to start clearing the place out as much as I can, though. That'll start Monday.

Meanwhile, it turns out there's a home furnishings trade show in the City this weekend. I'm looking at heading up there tomorrow morning, then bouncing back down to pick up my parents for a rather large Indian birthday party - it's Shruti's 18th.

Right now, I think I'll walk the mall. I'm rarely here before closing.
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