August 3rd, 2006


Almost Worked - Well, Not Really

I was checking email in one of my accounts, and noticed an eBay "Question about an auction" message. The thoughts running through my head were:
  1. That's odd - this is in the wrong folder.

  2. Well, I do have a problem with some eBay messages being misfiled in this folder.

  3. But never one of these.

  4. Hold it - I get a lot of phishing attempts at this address.
And it was, indeed, a bad phish.

I mostly find it mildly amusing because a few months ago I would have just laughed at the attempt and deleted the message. Times change.

Not that it ever would have worked, anyway. I never click on links in emails, for just that reason.

Ah well. Time to confront the slew of voicemails from this morning. It's interesting how much more trepidation I have over voice communication vs. text.
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I Am Such A Tool...

I just had one of the investor types stop by, sketch the house, take far more financial information than I am comfortable with, and leave.

Specifically, I wrote a note allowing him to get all information on my loan and gave him my SSN.

In all that, I got no remote inkling of what he'd think the house might be worth, and in fact a feeling that his offer on the place would be the loan payoff plus a sop or two.

Then he tells me he'll get back to me Wednesday, and takes off. Wednesday? I was going to talk to another agent, then decide which way to go tomorrow or the next day.

Meanwhile I'm waiting to find out that his main business is stealing identities...
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Triskell Knot


I made it to Alameda last night around 7:45 or so. Frida has completely forgotten I was coming - but was still pretty happy to see me. Got to see Bernie for a bit, before he took off for a date in Berkeley.

And talked on the phone with Stuart, who's in Florida for some reason. I think I was told, but, well, I forgot.

So Frida and I hung out, ate some Pho, and watched TV - several episodes of Project Runway, followed by several episodes of Cathouse. Amusingly, she'd never seen - or heard of - project runway, though she watches things like Trading Places avidly.

And I'd never heard of Cathouse, which was quite entertaining. Though I have to say that every time they broke out the power drills with dildos attached, I started having flashbacks to the Anal Intruder...

She finally went to bed at about 1:30 or so. I napped for a bit, then drove home, where I stayed up until dawn. I don't remember doing anything particularly productive, but I was up nonetheless.

I slept for a few hours, woke up - probably because of all the realtor calls (well, and the dentist. I get my deep cleaning tomorrow instead of Wednesday. Yay, I say). Finally got back to bed at noon, only to have the homes sales guy call at 2:00 to say he was on his way.

That's the fastest shower I've taken in a while.

Then an a few hours of more time wastage, followed by a trip up here, where I'm dealing with anxiety the Bruce way, with carbs. Lots of carbs.

At least I should make it to the show on time, at the latest.
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