August 1st, 2006


A Tale of Two Shows

Sunday's show was interesting - it was one of the slowest nights we've had for a while. Still, it had some definite highlights. helios77 showed up, for one thing, as well as Albert and tlslive.

Later, Chris (of Chris and Noe) came in with some friends - one of them Robin, an excellent singer visiting from Nashville.

Meanwhile, wavewarrior kept supplying me with alcohol, which I kept drinking. I closed the show just before 2:00, at the end of the 8th round.

A lot of the night is kinda blurry.

supersniffles was kind enough to take both me and synkitty home and feed us, so I had a chance to sober up. Then she drove us back to the bar, I dropped Synthia off at home, made it to my place, and collapsed in a heap.

Monday was a pretty slow day. I'm considering what to do about the sales thing - I'm selling reasonably well, but not well enough to beat the fees. That, and feeling insecure about the whole home sales thing. Sigh. I'm going to have to talk to Mario tomorrow. And, I suppose, print out official termination notices.

The show tonight is going pretty well - for a Monday. We're on the 5th round right now, and will probably make it to 7. But we've had a good crowd - at one point we reached 21 singers. Besides, the present Avenue Q marathon is a lot of fun.

Not to mention watching Natalie during it...
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Always When You're Down...

I scraped a few thousand out of the bottom of my IRA to pay various bills, one of them my Cingular bill. I just today got around to logging on and getting ready to pay my (late) balance, when I happened to glance down at the present total.


It actually took a bit of time to sink in - I mean, I have a pricey plan, but, uhhhhhh...

It turns out that they switched over my unlimited data plan to one with unlimited MMS, but only 5Mb of data. They claim I went into a store and changed it in May, which is interesting - the only thing I did in a store in the last few months was get a new sim card, and last month's bill still had unlimited data.

After about 45 minutes on the phone, they claim they'll fix it - at least, they've filled out the paperwork to fix it. I should check my bill in 5 days, and see if it's all better.

On the plus side, the woman helping me, while not the brightest in the world, was actually concerned about the situation, and as far as I could tell, did her best.
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So I've talked with a quick sales guy. He wants to do a "Subject 2" sale, which - by his description - involves them taking over the payments, fixing up the house, then paying me out of the sale proceeds.

If that's correct, I'm fine. The problem is that their offer on the house is $600K. I owe $550K. That all sounds nice, but I'm going to owe something like $40K in taxes. Which doesn't exactly leave me with a lot to tide me over.

I should perhaps look into other avenues - maybe call my old agent.

Debbie suggested putting it up for auction on eBay, which I'll likely investigate tonight.
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I'm indulging in two right now - broadband and nice restaurants.

I finally pried myself out of my room around 8:30, and immediately headed down to Oakridge for some comfort food and air conditioning.

I'm pleasantly (if guiltily) rotund, and have been looking at potential products. Which is, well, frustrating. My main supplier, at least, loves to show small pictures - sometimes extremely small pictures. But that's not all. The descriptions are frequently completely lacking.

Yes, I can see it's a pretty rosewood box. Thank you for informing me that it's a traditional Indian craft. But, um, could you maybe take the time to tell me how large a box I'm looking at?

The best was actually the "traditional Himalayan" scarf, obviously made of the scrap silk yarn that supersniffles has used (which is nice, but far from "traditional"). Not only was the picture tiny, out of focus, and washed out, but the scarf in the picture was folded - and the dimensions were missing. It could have been any length from 2' to 6'.

Does anybody actually buy mail-order goods like this? "Oooh! The picture's kinda cute! I can't make it out, but it's kinda cute! I'll take three!"

Ah well. Casting back in time... Last night's show remained one hell of a lot of fun until the end. I actually was relatively "on" in song selections, though I did have some crossed wires with Sarah. I believe it was a bit of a "1985" moment. She didn't like my first selection, and kept loudly talking about how much she loved Ozzy. After a couple of Black Sabbath songs she didn't know (How the hell do you not know "Iron Man"?), it became clear she was babbling about the show, with no idea I was using that info to try to pick a song. Funny.

Cindi managed to get herself a little on the verschnackered side, so I drove her and her car home, while timenchanter followed behind to ferry me back to my car. Then I deposited synkitty at her place (after getting lost - I'd only been there 3 times, and thought I could forgo using a map. Wrong), headed home, and slept for a few hours.

As posted earlier, I did manage to do some stuff today, but most of it was spent hiding in the net. I've read more Fark today than I have for several weeks. Sigh. I have to get those termination notices out tomorrow.

I also have some leads for other home sales sources, which I'll call in the morning.
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