July 30th, 2006


It's... Raining?

OK, the weather is officially screwed up.

It's the end of July in California, and there's rain hitting my window.

Meanwhile, my room is a comfortable 83°. Well, comfortable as long as I don't move.

Did someone ship San Jose to Florida while I wasn't looking?
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Not A Good Omen

I opted to head home and sleep last night, and that's largely what I did. I did another "sleep for 5 hours" thing, but actually managed to get back to sleep for a few more.

I dealt with some customers, and did some research on eBay stores and web sales.

I started the ball rolling on selling the house at a couple of sites.

And I watched some Tenchi.

I even got ready to leave the house at 5:00, a reasonable hour. Just as I left, I talked for a little bit with mena_kissesoh1 and Robin, and mentioned I was going to a BBQ at Beth's tomorrow.

When I realized it was supposed to have been today. I had been expected at her house at 3:00, and didn't even know the address.

I rushed north while frantically trying to call her. Meanwhile she, of course, was far enough away from her phone to not hear it ring.

So I missed out. We did finally get in contact, but by then it was a little late. At least she's cool about it, which is the important thing.

And so I'm drowning my sorrows in Malai Kofta.

I'm just curious what wonderful happenings are now waiting for me at the bar...
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