July 27th, 2006

Sri Yantra


I made it home last night about 2:30 or so, and actually went to bed fairly shortly.

In common form for lately, I slept maybe 5 hours, then couldn't get back to sleep. At least that meant I got a head start on a supplier problem I've had all week. That actually finally got resolved this afternoon - I hope. They apparently lost the order, and are supposed to have shipped it this evening. We'll see.

Other than that, not much. I researched and posted another product, bringing the rotating inventory to, well, 20. Only 480 to go, and I'll have a viable business.

Today's procrastination list mostly contained the sales tax return and the house sale.

I at least looked at the return. Then realized I could e-file, and put it off until after the show.

Since I'm still eating, I may be a little late for that again. Sigh. I also really need to confront Paula. At least I know how to negotiate with her: The one with the biggest sob story wins.
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