July 26th, 2006

Sri Yantra

Rents and Mortgages

The major thing is that last night, timenchanter took me, markobellydance and celticnoor to see Rent at the Golden Gate theater in the city.

Cute theater. And, on the whole, a good show. We all had something to complain about, but then, we're all perfectionists. qzar_mystik, who was there with filmbuf104, was a little more violent in his opinions.

I mean, there were a few things. Whoever did sound should be rounded up and shot. He was playing with volume levels all night, and frequently got them wrong. Duets would be at different volumes. The female soloist on "Seasons of Love" was (at least initially) set so loud that you couldn't hear anyone else.

Otherwise, well, it was a little different. They added some narration by Mark, which on the whole I think was a good thing. Only one particular piece jarred in any way. There were also a few little musical pieces I don't remember - specifically, a rather nice group "phone message". Though that could just be my memory.

The girl who played Mimi is a good actress, and a very good dancer. She doesn't quite have the range needed by the part, though. She actually missed a few notes in the first half of the show, and had obviously adjusted some songs to her range.

On the other hand, the girl playing Maureen was simply excellent. Her version of the performance piece was amazing.

Ah well. Definitely a good time. We grabbed some food at Mel's Diner, then went home.

Today, well, lessee. I went to lunch with Timmie, listed several auctions, and actually paid some bills (just) before they were due. I still need to do some sales tax paperwork.

In fact, I did everything but look into selling the house. That's apparently my major avoidance item right now.

Then up to Alameda. and another low-key evening. Stuart&Frida are having their farewell party on the 12th, by the way, and will be doing their best to clear out their rather large cache of alcohol. I'm tasked with rounding up as many heavy drinkers as I can. I'd recommend coming up - nice people, nice house, nice area, high-quality booze, and a hot tub.

Anyway, that's about it. Haven't decided if I'm heading home tonight or not. I really should get to that tax return...
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