July 25th, 2006


Half Empty/Half Full

Last night's show started out, well, empty. I set up just about on time, then went and sat at the bar with dwo for a bit, since we and bluize were the only people in the building.

I think I wandered over and started up around 8:20, because, well, why not? As David was singing, someone else sauntered in - I believe Kendall. So the first round was 3 people.

But it grew from there, bit by bit. By 9:30 or so, the rotation was around 17 people long. Then, towards midnight, almost everyone went home. Which worked out well for lucydogstringer and Kristin.

I ran a total of 10 rounds before closing at 1:30. So anyone who stuck around for the whole night got to sing 10 times. That being, well, me.

I finished closing down before 2:00, got some food and air conditioning at the Cardinal Lounge, then went home to my sweatbox.

Not a lot since then. I listed another product, and researched another whole line - where I can't compete on price. I have information set up for yet another, which I'll probably put up after I take a shower.

I'm supposed to be going to Rent this evening with timenchanter et al., which I'll be doing, as long as he doesn't continue the patronizing attitude he was using last night. There's nothing quite like being talked down to by those guilty of similar behavior.

What I definitely am guilty of is (ahem) neglecting to pay the main phone line for too long. It'll supposedly be reconnected this evening. The interesting thing is that all they did was restrict outward dialing, so I didn't notice. The DSL is fine, and calls in work fine. Go figure. I really should probably check on the water and power sometime...
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