July 20th, 2006


Another Stage

I didn't make it up to Alameda until about 9:00. They'd finished dinner - and had Mary over - but since dinner was open-face sandwiches, the leftovers weren't exactly something to be sniffed at.

Mary kept feeding them to me, too, which was, well, odd. To all of us. I kinda suspect she had sort of a case of the sublimated munchies.

They've sold the house, so the plan right now is to move down to Stuart's mom's house in LA at the end of August, then off to beautiful New Zealand.

I'm going to miss them.

They spent the rest of the evening lecturing me about selling my house. Well, and doing something about my depression. They're right, of course. Ah well.

I ended up heading home around 1:30 or so - I wanted to maintain some focus, which wouldn't have happened if I'd stayed.

While I don't have any new auctions up, I've done research on several. I've also been dealing with a guy who apparently is missing a piece from his lamp.

And, of course, a steady stream of thought about selling the house through it all...

I got to the bar a little late tonight - mainly because of a huge traffic jam. Apparently there's some country concert at Shoreline, which explains all the young morons screaming while hanging out the windows of their monster trucks.

The show here has been a little slow for a Thursday, but we've got enough people to make it a party, so I'm happy. It's also cooler than my room, which, granted, isn't saying much.

timenchanter, cekyr0, and jeffercine are here, which defines a good time, even if trivialt isn't here.

Also sugarbare is here with a tan and "Hawaii" written across her ass. Life is good.
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