July 18th, 2006

Elder Sign

Oh Look, It's Tuesday!

It's hard to tell - I've been sleeping on and off since I got home last night.

Last night's show was pretty cool, though I was really tired. Still, I think I did OK on song selection, though I was a bit more off than usual for dwo. Kendall decided I was being too mean to him, and so started a run of "Let's find weird songs for Bruce!" That was cool.

ajayav asked me to challenge her. I don't know if I managed that, but I at least managed to amuse her.

It got busyish for a few hours, which is all I can actually expect for a Monday. Several people came in for a song or two then took off, like trivialt.

In part, I think, because people started taking off so early, I got confused about the time, and announced the "last round" at about midnight (I honestly thought is was 1:00...). Around 12:30, synkitty asked me why I was closing so early. Uhhhh...

So I ran another round, with the 5 or so people left, and still ended before 1:00. Ah well - we ran at least 6 rounds, so everybody got a chance to sing.

Then I took Synthia home, grabbed some Taco Bell, and headed home. Where I promptly fell asleep in my chair. I was tired. I woke up this morning around 8:00 or so, did some stuff until noon (Including finally listing that lamp combo), then slept on the bed until maybe 5:00.

I need to get up. timenchanter has offered to feed me dinner if I can make it to sugarbare's fast enough. And one way or the other, he's going to help me with product listings, which'll be cool.
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