July 17th, 2006


Odd Perspectives

I'm not really sure how the "me" I was in college would react to the present one.

I mean, singing "Stayin' Alive" in a gay bar while a group line dances?
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Stan's AMAZING Rainbow Pants

trivialt came into the bar tonight sporting his AMAZING technicolor rainbow paints, which he's had since, I believe he said, high school, when a friend sewed them for him.

He was hoping to show them to timenchanter, but such was not to be.

Still, here, for posterity, is graphical evidence. Of course, this is our BFG we're talking about, so it takes more than the single picture to give proper documentation of that which is Stan. OK, it's because I can't aim worth shit in the dark.

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It's been an interesting time. Last night's show was mostly positive, but for the mild headache I had all night, accentuated by the gratuitous ear damage (Which still hurts, but only slightly).

It's certainly the first time I've taken someone to task over the announcement mic in a while. I was, let us say, a tad pissed. I'm positive, though, that if I weren't so stressed over the money situation, I'd have dealt with the situation a lot better. Sigh.

We had a reasonably large crowd, but not insane. While I had more than 20 individual singers, there was enough changeover that I just put new people into vacated spots in the first column.

We ran for 6 rounds, ending at about 1:50. That allowed me to get Kristin in for two songs, and a very late lucydogstringer in for one.

I made a reasonable amount in tips, because Gretchen went around the room and intimidated people.

From there to decompression at Carrows, then home to angst in my room.

I have another product to write up, I just haven't. Another lamp - actually, a fairly pretty standing and table lamp duo I can sell in the $40 range. Probably a better idea than the $270 cookware set I spent all day researching yesterday. I now know more about "waterless" cooking than I ever wanted to - and my original idea was to stay under $100.

The sum total of my auction activity today was someone asking me if a tiffany style lamp had a base of real bronze. I had to restrain myself - at under $50 he's lucky the thing has a base of real metal.

Gripe gripe gripe.

As I'm sure everyone really wants to know, I had my teeth cleaned today. Of course, they're now saying I need a "deep cleaning" to keep my gums happy. This will involve a local anesthetic, which sounds like soooo much fun. The sad thing is, I'm pretty sure they're right, even if I couldn't help thinking they were going to steam my gums every time they said "deep clean." That will supposedly be happening next month, after I figure out how to get some more cash.

In the interim, I'm scraping a few more bucks out of the IRA. That can't be done for too much longer, though. It's down to selling the house - probably to one of the "quick cash" people - or refinancing it again. Meanwhile, I should try to get some more products out there...
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