July 16th, 2006

Triskell Knot

Plodding, Forward Hopefully

I made it to my parents, and even didn't fall asleep while I was there.

I babbled incessantly, however, which they fortunately didn't seem to mind. I also scarfed down my mom's food, which isn't all that unusual. Roast pork loin this time.

Then home, and a certain measure of oblivion. Good thing, that. I've slept a lot since then, something I definitely needed. What I did not need was the temperature in my room. My air conditioner's going full blast, and that's kept it down to 90° in here. Yum.

After reworking my data mining code (I've had to give up on my quest to allow shipping to Hawaii and Alaska - long story), I've managed to put out a whopping one (1) new listing today. It looks like a good product, and hopefully people will like it, but it took forever to research, then forever to write the results up in a concise manner. Assuming I continue to have the success rate I've been managing, I should start to actually make money sometime in 2008. Blah.

Anyway, need to clean up, grab some dinner, and head to the bar.
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I understand that working in a club means I'll have gradual hearing loss. I can deal with that.

And I can understand when someone happens to have a mic in their hands when they scream in surprise. I don't really have a problem with that, either.

Which I suppose is why I didn't initially think to kill the mic, before a couple of people decided it would be funny to have a screaming competition.

It's been over half an hour, and my ears still hurt.

I think I stopped finding that sort of thing entertaining when I was about 5. Apparently it takes a little longer for some people...
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