July 6th, 2006


Trying To Be Good

I had fun at Dinner And last night, though I wasn't in the most social of moods. I think the largest part of my interaction was with Sami, as we (nicely) vied for use of the computer.

Sad, I know.

Of course, part of this had to do with the fact that cekyr0 and jeffercine were showing The Flight of Dragons. This is apparently a fond memory of Alex's childhood.

And I should know about this movie. It came out the year I graduated from college, and I've always loved both fantasy and animation. In fact, I think I did see part of it, and suppressed the memory.

My problem, you see, is that I have very fond memories of The Dragon and The George, upon which is movie is extremely loosely based. The characters are named the same, the rough run of the plot is the same, only the motivations and causes have been jerked around to serve some "technology vs. magic" nut.

What can I say? Some things bother me. I was in such a snitty mood that when I drove timenchanter home, I started going on about the sound work (I swear everyone sounded like they were in a wooden box at all times - apparently the studio couldn't afford anything for sound absorption on the walls) and the quality of the mouth animation during speech.

We got into a discussion about the latter, since he thinks it's a Bakshi film (Looks like it's not), so we starting comparing the quality to Wizards, and had a discussion about that, which was only solved by having justnate load his copy into the player at home.

So I saw Wizards again last night, and Timmie saw part of it, before falling asleep in Nate's lap.

Around 1:30 or so, Timmie woke up enough to think about getting his car, so we stocked up on snacks at 7-11 (They now make a Snickers brownie ice-cream sandwich!), then retrieved Fawkes.

Today, not so much stuff. I finished catching up with Narbonic, and researched another product - I just have to write up the ad copy.

I just finished dinner, and will be heading out to another exciting Thursday evening of karaoke. Hopefully qzar_mystik will be doing well at his ComedySportz debut...
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Well That Was Unexpected...

OK, Albert showing up again wasn't all that surprising. Especially since Tobi showed up with him.

Having Tobi pinch my ass wasn't a shock in the least.

But turning around to find Mr. Dill saying "Hi" actually made me start just a bit.

Wow. Cool!

And I'm wearing one of my vaguely satanic shirts, so all is appropriate...
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