July 3rd, 2006



Last night's show was, well, odd. I think mostly that there were far more women in the mix than usual.

Of course, one of those was this woman named Jill. Very nice voice, and, well, very nice...

Also, it always feels odd when I don't know several people. trivialt only showed up late, and then only for one song...

While we had a couple of busy rounds, it mostly was reasonably slow, so I finished the 6th round at about 1:40.

lucydogstringer made his return appearance last night, too.

I drove kshandra home, then did my usual decompression, this time at Cardinal Lounge.

Then home, and way too much playing with RSS feeds. I fell asleep around 8:00, and woke up - without being able to get back to sleep - around 11:30.

I got into one of those states where I couldn't either wake up or go back to sleep. I finally got myself together around 5:30, and headed off to isabeau10's BBQ. There, I ate quite a bit too much, and spent a little over an hour laughing my ass off. Good times.

Though I've gotta say it was the single straightest event I've been to all year. There are reasons I hang around the gay crowd.

From there, back to the bar. It's being a reasonably busy night - especially for a Monday.

But I'm sooo tiiirrreeed. Think I'll go snag a RockStar...
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