July 1st, 2006


Uh, Wow.

I, uh, just sold my first item. For a whopping $5 profit.

I actually made money. This is counter to all my instincts and expectations.

I'll have to hold out on the other auctions and see if it's a fluke or not...
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Last night I got a message from trivialt, wondering if I'd have time for Carrows around 11:00. That fit in perfectly with the speed I was moving, so I ended up having my Friday meal with Stanley.

A nice, low-key dinner. We talked for a couple of hours, he was nice enough to buy the meal, and then we each went home.

So I was only "up" and "out" for a few hours late Friday night.

Today I got up early, at least for me, and went up to the Vegetarian House for Nikki's birthday lunch with Nikki and Honey. I almost never get to sit and talk with those two, so that was really nice.

Honey insisted on paying.

From there I headed to my parents' place for the usual Saturday thing. I didn't get to the deck (It's too damn hot), but I did help fix a few things around the house - and updated my dad's website yet again. Now if I could only convince him to email me the stuff he's getting, rather than printing it out...

And, of course, my mother fed me.

And so an exciting day of free food comes to a close...
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