June 24th, 2006


An Evening at ADR

As I said before, timenchanter and I kind of ended up at Adrenochrome. And stayed there for most of the evening - I believe we left around midnight.

A fair amount of this had to do with the fact that sugarbare, Isaac, and hollyk were there, so we had ample entertainment.

I actually have some pictures for a change - though they're Treo quality.

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And that's been about it so far. Well, I tried to get Timmie's desktop to reconnect to my network last night, with zero success. Something is seriously wrong - from the traces, while it does, on occasion, send packets out, it doesn't actually send any DHCP requests when it says it is. Also, when simply given a hard-coded IP address, it never "takes" the gateway address - it's there in the setup, but not in the status.

I suspect his copy of the driver or registry is corrupted. I tried a simple "deinstall" of the device, then let plug and play find it again, but as I remember, that doesn't really get rid of the driver.

At the moment, I'm recommending a full system reinstall, though that's probably overkill. Maybe I can find a driver update somewhere, and try that...

Anyway, I should get ready for the day. I'm more than a little overscheduled.
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