June 23rd, 2006

Ice Cream

Getting Technology to Work

Two days ago, I finally figured out how to get my scale to work.

It should, of course, be simple: You step on it, it displays your weight.

Except mine has a habit of displaying the same exact weight for days on end. I don't know if it's a physical problem, or (more likely) remarkably stupid software, but it appears it will read out the same value, as long as you're within a few pounds of that value.

So, as I've finally figured out, the correct sequence is:

  1. Move the scale where I can use it

  2. Step on it lightly, to start its zeroing sequence

  3. Grab something heavy, step on the scale

  4. Wait for the measurement to stabilize

  5. Step off the scale, put the heavy item back down

  6. Wait for another zeroing sequence to finish

  7. Step on the scale again

  8. Wait for the measurement to stabilize

  9. Record measurement
Now that wasn't hard, was it? Maybe I should have read the instructions first...

Of course, I still don't know if it's showing the correct weight - the box claimed it was "accurate" because it displayed to within 0.2 pounds. It didn't mention if it actually measured to within 0.2 pounds...

In related news, I seem to be finally weighing reliably under 230 pounds. In fact, it read just over 227 yesterday - but after dessert at Chevy's, the gallon jug of tonic water last night, and supersniffles's cheese fries, I'm back to almost 230.

Eh. I'm just happy I'm down to looking only 8 months pregnant.
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The Drift, She Continues

Last night's show was, well, a lot busier than I expected. In fact, it was apparently one of the most profitable Thursdays we've had in a while. Quite a few people showed up that I haven't seen in forever, like Danny. Bennie and Rich made an appearance - Bennie apparently needed to decompress from his studies.

And Bob! Bob was there!

I showed up extremely early this time, and worked on tightening everything in the speaker that buzzes, ably helped by trivialt. Hopefully it'll be better now, though I didn't find anything actually "loose."

Carlene was practicing again, so it was probably a bit disconcerting that I was there. I wasn't about to complain about the cute girl in the DJ booth...

Anyway, I started on time, for a change. The first round was "slow," in that it only had about 14 people in it.

The 2nd round was quite a bit busier.

The 3rd was just slightly less full.

And I finished the 4th at just about 1:30 - with Bennie.

supersniffles, timenchanter, mvmedic and I did the Denny's thing, then I poured Timmie in my car and took him home.

I should probably note that he wasn't drunk - just tired, and probably sick.

I finally woke up, cleaned up, and got out of my room at about 6:30 today, then finished off "Tomb Raider" with Timmie before heading to Pasand for dinner.

We went to the bar to pick up Fawkes from last night, and of course have been here ever since...
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