June 22nd, 2006


More Frivolity

Last night was spent at the Gay Bar, which means I managed to get my periodic cmjfoxfyre, helios77, and Shawn fix. After a fairly large infusion of Absinthe, I started talking non-stop. I can only hope it wasn't annoying - though I'm afraid I subjected Shawn to the same relationship conversation we've had, oh, the last five or so times we've talked...

Carla had decided to show "The Wicker Man", which I actually hadn't seen before. Very cool film.

Though I'm not sure I was supposed to be cheering on the pagans...

One just hopes that in their little universe, the crops did better the following year.

As the night wound down, we started showing each other videos from the 'net. Shawn brought up a whole bunch of Robot Chicken. I'm afraid all I had to offer was Bananaphone...

Speaking of Robot Chicken, I want a set of Apocalypse Ponies! And I want it now! Especially Death Pony - he's so cuuuute!

I headed home from there at around 11:30 - unfortunately too late to visit Dinner And. But timenchanter and I hung out for a bit after we both got home, which was nice. We just lounged in my room and dealt with Debbie mail.

As usual, I haven't done too much today at all. I did get out of the house before 5:00, for a change, which means I was able to pick up my new shoes at the Post Office.

I also flipped back the breaker that the downstairs air conditioner had blown. I can tell I'm not going to enjoy this month's PG&E bill.

I'm just about finished with dinner - I should figure out what I'm going to do with myself for the next couple of hours before the show. I wonder what the temperature's going to be in there today...
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