June 19th, 2006

Sri Yantra

The Sliding Continues

Last night's show was, well, slightly odd, even with the presence of trivialt.

We were quite busy from about 10:00 to midnight. Outside of that window, things were pretty slow. The first few rounds were about 8 long, and the last couple, 4.

I finished the show - and the 7th round - at about 1:10.

Then closed up, dropped off Jasmine, and decompressed at the Cardinal.

The "new book syndrome" continues. dancin_whitey idly pointed out I'd spelled Duncan Sheik wrong (for "On a High," I believe).

The difference now is that the online copies of the book were corrected within half an hour.

By the way, if anyone finds a song problem, please point it out - the earlier I investigate and correct these things, the better.

Otherwise, I don't think I've done much. Well, slept.

And as soon as I finish dinner here, I'll be heading to the bar for a pleasant evening of suicide.
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