June 17th, 2006

Triskell Knot


I apparently had my usual effect on last night's ComedySportz midnight show: It was raunchy. misswong77 claims that only happens when I'm there. Even when we sat separately, about 6 rows back.

I can deal.

Got home, a little bit of sleep, and otherwise I've been playing with optimizing the PDFs yet more (I'm down to almost 500K each, which is a definite improvement compared to more than 2Meg originally), finally getting the Palm database conversion stuff to compile, and installing the database program on my Treo.

All I need now is the program to grab the data from MySQL and present it to Pilot-DB. That should be easy, but right now I need to pull myself together, and get to my parents.

So, in other words, I still haven't done any truly productive work.

But I'm busy!
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