June 14th, 2006

Sri Yantra

Holding On Too Hard

I was just stapling a fresh set of update sheets together, and was forced to consider my tendency to avoid "using up" things that have sentimental meaning to me.

You see, the only stapler immediately available was my stapler. My special one. Not that getting it was a huge deal, but it does represent a period in my life. It's a French kid's stapler, for schoolwork. I think I got it on my second stay there. It's not even full size - or full width - and will only work with the special copper staples that came with it.

I think about half of the original box of 1000 is left. When they're gone, it will stop being a stapler with cool copper staples, and become a piece of lifeless bric-a-brac, most likely to be thrown away.

So I avoid using it. I've obviously done pretty well on that front - it's older than a number of my friends.

But the thing is, and this is the mistake I keep making over and over: It's just as useless when you avoid using it, as it is when it's used up.

This is true about pretty much anything of a similar nature, whether it's sentimental items, special dinnerware, or virginity. One has to remember to go out there and live.
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10 reams of paper, two toner cartridges, and one toner drum later: I have 9 books printed and bound.

That's enough to put out one for every booth, one on each of the front two tables, one at the "slip table", and one master pour moi.

If I get back on track, I should be buying around 2 discs a month, and printing up one new complete book (as a master) and a set of update sheets. The old master will be rotated into general circulation, one of the old books will be taken out, and so the books in circulation will gradually catch up.

Of course, I'm still not really getting paid, despite recent promises - so I continue to be open to disc donations. Since I now finally have the mechanism in place, I promise they'll be catalogued and available much faster this time. Really.
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Elder Sign


To the recent, unnamed person posting about their unhappiness:

Unhappiness is not a thing to be deserved. People try to make it into one: "You can't be unhappy, so-and-so has things much worse than you!". But the fact of the matter is, unhappy is simply what you are at any one moment.

One of the most cheerful, positive, bubbly people I ever met was a one-legged, mostly blind diabetic woman living in a hospice. She had things much worse than most people - but she was happy, and took what she could out of each day.

On the other end, there are people with the cushiest living situation imaginable who are positively miserable.

What I'm trying to say is that one shouldn't worry about whether one has the right to unhappiness - one should simply try to figure out what one might be able to do about it.

And sometimes, one finds that all one can do is live with it. Hopefully not the situation is this case...
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I did, indeed, have dinner with Beth last night. She's a lot of fun, in an overtired, barely conscious sort of way.

It appears to be a family trait.

Things are supposedly getting saner at her office. That said, she'd only gotten 5 hours of sleep the previous night, and had 2 more hours of work to get done before the start of the next work day...

So she bought me dinner, and told the staff it was my birthday - so the wait staff of 3 sang to me. 'Twas cute.

After she headed home, I dropped by the bar, and ended up talking to Kaye, mvmedic, and kizmet100 (the people in the bar) until almost 2:00.

Then home, and some sleep. I think most of it in my chair...

As mentioned earlier, I finished off the books today.

I also drove timenchanter from and to Just Tires, as well as letting him buy me lunch at Quizno's.

Then, eventually, up to Alameda. They had Howard and Mary over for dinner - as well as visits from both Annelyse and Bernie. Bernie's spending the night here, and the situation seems fairly calm.

Mary has been making everyone take enneagram tests. I'm apparently mostly a type 2 (Helper) combined with a type 9 (Peacemaker). Seems to fit reasonably well.

And that's about it. I'll probably be heading home later tonight.
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