June 13th, 2006

Triskell Knot

Gettin' Better All The Time...

Last night's show was a hell of a lot of fun. With a side-serving of potential drama...

It was reasonably slow, though the rotation did make it to about 17 for one round. On the other hand, the first 3 rounds were 4 people long. To finish off the stats, I ended the show around 1:30 at the end of the 9th round.

What all that comes to is that there were enough people there to make an appreciative audience, and everyone got to sing quite a number of times. So we had a good time - even trivialt.

synkitty tapped ladyelsena to give her a ride again, sans Jasmine this time. So I got to play around with Aurellia some more.

misdev and Angel showed up, and had a pretty good time. Watching the tension between the two groups - OK, mostly the tension in Synthia - was rather amusing, though my booth had to serve as a drama-avoidance vehicle a couple of times.

The really funny thing was finding a new song. Well, a new track - I already have a better copy of the same song in the book.

It's not unusual, when making new books, to find various errors. I've been doing a lot of fixes - mostly minor things like making all versions of a band name the same. I've also been "filling out" the ends of longer song titles, because the old songbook software had a fairly low song length limit.

But completely coincidentally, I discovered last night that a disc was entered with incorrect track entries. kozmic_tar sang a song that had apparently never before been done, and the track number was off by one.

The reason I say "never before been done" is that whenever there's a mismatch between a slip and a disc, I check the book. There was one known error of that type in the 1/8/05 books. However, apparently when that particular disc was entered, a track was skipped - and so the last 5 or so songs were misnumbered.

So I've now printed up a couple of "6/13/06" books that include the missing track. Woo.

Today - apart from printing and binding books - I had lunch at the Sonoma Chicken Coop with timenchanter, cekyr0, wissavix, and isabeau10. Good food, great people.

I'll also be leaving before too long to have dinner with Beth. She's insisting she should get around to buying me a birthday dinner. I don't find it necessary, but I'm not going to say no. So I'll get to catch up with her when we have dinner at Thaiphoon.

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