June 12th, 2006


Recovery Continues

'Twas an interesting show last night. I started a little over half an hour late, for a couple of reasons. The main one being that if you have over an hour of setup to do before 8:00, and the bar doesn't open until a little after 7:00, time is going to get tight.

The 15 minutes or so mvmedic, sugarbare and I wasted trying to figure out what happened to the power for the DJ light bar didn't help, either. I assume we looked fairly amusing climbing all over the booth.

Ah well.

During that time, I had a remarkably large number of people sign up - I think around 17. I didn't have time to write them in the chart, so I just made a stack of their slips - or a hastily scrawled slip, for the verbal ones. While I started at 8:30, it was probably 9:00 before I had everyone written up, and written on the board - I had at least 3 different people ask why they weren't up there.

Other than that, the night went pretty well. Even trivialt showed up. Since I didn't have transportation room for synkitty and Jasmine, they commandeered Aurellia for transport - which I feel was a win all around.

It also meant that I finally got her that teacher employment stuff timenchanter gave me. I just neglected to introduce her and Stan. Dammit.

Granted, I was pretty tired - and started to fade badly around 11:00. Most likely a combination of my sleep disruption and the sunburn. They both do that. Over the course of the night, I dropped 3 discs, which is an increase of 3 over my usual - and therefore an enormous percentage increment.

Others seemed to be feeling in a rather similar fashion - or I was contagious. The place largely cleared out by 11:30.

Which meant I was able to get supersniffles up for a couple of songs, before closing down at 1:30 (At the end of the 5th round).

Then a snack from Jack-in-the-Box, home, and oblivion.

I woke up today around 12:30, and started some minor fiddling with the song database and layout. Which means that, while I have a full new book printed out, I didn't take the time to bind it before heading out the door.

The major achievements for the afternoon include returning the truck to jeffercine, paying the water bill a day before they shut it off, and buying a new box of paper for future books.

I'm now back at the Cheesecake Factory, drawn again by the call of the cheap WiFi. I am such the 'net slut...
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