June 6th, 2006


Parties and Progress

Last night's show was reasonably amazing. While it certainly wasn't to Thursday levels, it was still pretty busy. A fluke, I'm sure, but a fun one.

I was, well, reasonably on with song selections. I tortured trivialt mercilessly, and weirded out cekyr0 again by picking the song he wanted before he told me. Significantly, the number of rejections was pretty low - while the number of "Oh shit"s was pretty high.

I believe I did 7 rounds, ending at about 1:40. For the last two rounds, we all ganged up on hektikat's friend Kym, shoved a mic in her face, and made her sing. It was quite cute. By her rather loud description, I, uh, "suck".

Actually, Stacey herself sang part of one of bluize's songs earlier in the evening, rather well. Hmmmmm...

After the show, I went over to supersniffles's place, where she fed me steak, I played with the Monkey, and we watched another episode of "Dead Like Me." The kitten is painfully cute. I was the target of the "kitten diet," wherein she decides to sleep on top of your arm, making it impossible to reach the food.

Then home, and a little sleep here and there. I've managed to arrange enough money to last out the month, so one level of stress is lowered. I've also studied for the election - I'll be voting as soon as I get out of the shower.

I've also finished inputting all the new disc data. Now I just need to put something together to print it back out. At the moment, it's looking like the fastest method - given that I want to include a logo of sorts - will be to create the page in PostScript®, then convert that to PDF. Kludgey, but with a lower learning curve.
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