June 5th, 2006


The God Worm

I just read spondee's post referring to this excellent article.

I believe it's worth propagating. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd seriously suggest giving it a read.

The only thing I'd say is that "faith," as used in the article, would be more accurately rendered as something like "dogmatic faith" or "unreasoning faith." One has to have faith in something. Among other things, I have fairly large faith in the constancy of gravity.

Of course, if I suddenly start floating away, I'll be spending more time thinking "Oh shit, what do I do know?" as opposed to trying to kill anyone who doubts the ultimate law of mass attraction...
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Sooo... Tired...

Last night's show was, well, pretty damn good. Especially after dancin_whitey turned on the air conditioner. We had a large, but not unmanageable crowd, which included trivialt.

A couple of big, strapping boys showed up, which seemed to keep the guys happy (One of them - Charles - is a really good singer. Hopefully he'll be back). valeriesparks and Sunny showed up, which kept me happy. Skimpy tops are one of the true joys of summer...

Vince also showed up again - this time with more friends, and early enough to sing a few.

I closed down around 1:40, after the end of the 5th round.

Then I dropped the girls off, had a sandwich at the Cardinal Lounge, and headed home.

During the show, I updated and corrected the database of song brands. After I got home, I entered a bunch of the new discs.

Then I slept for about 5 hours, and entered a bunch more. I'm not done yet - I still haven't put in any of the Sound Choice discs, which come to 68 songs. But I *have* put in 286, as well as done some general data correction.

It's about time to get ready for the show, and I'm ready... to... sleep...
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Well, I'm An Anything Goes Everything...

Grabbed from timenchanter
You scored as Anything-Goes Goth. You are very open minded. You may or may not be devoted to your "Gothickry," but you aren't anal about it either way, and you are willing to explore the various niches of the gothic subculture.


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Romantic Goth






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Perky Goff


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Confused Outsider


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