June 3rd, 2006


If Your Blood Pressure is Too Low...

Here's the Rolling Stone article on the 2004 presidential vote.

I have to admit, some of the article is specious. But most of it is not - and extremely disturbing.

What's most disturbing is the number of people who claim to "love America" and at the same time happily subvert democracy, the underpinning that makes the country what it is. Vote tampering is, at its heart, treason, and should be prosecuted accordingly.
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Triskell Knot

Wasting Time

I finally got out of Spee-Dee with a much happier - and legally smogged - car. It sounds muuuuuch better.

I headed home, dropped off the paperwork, and picked up timenchanter. We headed out to the Poor House Bistro, to get us some Cajun cookin'. We hadn't been there before. The food was generally, well, good. I wouldn't say fantastic, but definitely good. And the place itself rocked. Definitely a fun experience.

Then I hung out with Timmie while he shopped at Target. Then home, and, well, sleep.

A lot of sleep. I've been up and down a bit since then, but not much on the "up" side of things. Most of the "up" time has been spent looking at this set of cartoon videos on YouTube. Some good stuff. Awful quality, of course - it is YouTube, after all - but still entertaining. I managed to find out why I tend not to remember Jem. After looking at part of one episode, I can say that (1) yeah, I've seen it before, and (2) in a world of badly written, badly drawn, and badly voiced cartoons, it still stands out as a monument to suck.

So that's my day. I have yet to sort through at least a month's worth of mail. I was supposed to do so yesterday. Well, and the day before, etc, etc, etc. I think, though, that it's getting close to the "PG&E shuts off the power" point.

It's amazing how frustrating I can be sometimes.
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