June 1st, 2006


Dinner in Alameda

I was, as usual, late to Alameda last night. I said I'd arrive between 7:00 and 7:30, when the fact of it is that I didn't even leave the house until 7:00.

On the other hand, traffic was light, so I did manage to walk into the house before 8:00. This was good - I hadn't known, but they'd invited Mary, Bob, and Joie over for dinner. I got in at the tail end of the appetizers.

An interesting group of people, and a great deal of interesting, if conflicting conversation. Mary's a former Christian cult member, and heavily into spirituality. Joie is also into the spiritual stuff, but from more of a Jungian point of view. Frida's a solid materialist.

And Bob does improv.

That kept us gabbing until near midnight. After the others left, Stuart, Frida, and I somehow got on the subject of how one could possibly build a real orgasmatron. That led to a lot of sleepy conversation.

They went to bed, and I packed up and headed home, where I proceeded to spend about 3 hours working on my previous post. The idea of doing it had been running through my head all day.

It was kind of a dual exercise in openness and composition. The first was a relative success. The latter fell short of my desires, but that's somewhat to be expected.

It's had the rather amusing result of being taken completely wrong by, well, the individual one might expect to take it completely wrong. For the general record: I'm not in any way looking for sympathy. I thought it made an interesting story, and could lead to some interesting points. It wasn't even something I'd personally label as "traumatic." I may go into an actual traumatic event from the same year at some later point, but again, only because I think it makes an interesting story.

And also because, well, if one doesn't examine the past, one never learns from it.

Anyway. That kept me going until 5:00, when I crashed.

I've been up now for a few hours, mostly doing the "catching up" thing. I was hoping to get the car tuned up today, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. Ah well.
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