May 30th, 2006



Yesterday was... something. I actually woke up around 11:00, and played with MySQL for several hours. I finally got out of bed around 3:00, apparently the same time as timenchanter. We staggered showers, he bought us sandwiches at 7-11, and we headed off to bluize's birthday party.

Good party, lots of people - though a number of us were being a bit cliquish, which is kinda sad in a way. But hey, we were having fun.

Got to the bar from there a little late - and started about 10 minutes late, for that matter. I believe I had 7 singers at that point. In any case, the number stayed at 7 for a couple of hours - someone would leave, and someone else, like trivialt, would show up.

Then Kris's party transported itself to the bar. Things got a little wilder from there.

Much alcohol was consumed, in various modes. Here we see hektikat and Kris:

And here we see Kris and mvmedic waiting for more business:

I believe they got Gabe up there too, but I didn't get any pictures of that. Sorry, guys.

Though I gather there's lots of naked pics of him and Stacey from the slip'n'slide at Kris's party.

I was actually on the drunkish side of tipsy at the time - I assume because a pint-size gin&tonic on top of no food has a little bit of an effect. I was more so after Stacey insisted I do a body shot, too. Fun, though I've gotta remember to do something with my hair next time - I was delayed with the shot trying to get the damn stuff out of my mouth.

Tequila and I, well, we get along rather well. A little too well at times. Just the one shot, and I was floating around the bar.

Whetever, I kept the music going, and was apparently fairly "on". I think there were only about 6 song refusals for the whole night. I ran about 9 rounds, ending a little after 1:50. Fortunately, by then I was pretty sober, and was, I'm fairly certain, legal by the time I drove Heather home.

Then off to Carrows to devour some food.

And home, and sleep, which I've done a great deal of at this point. I'm actually pretty rested...

Of course, I've also done none of the stuff I was supposed to do today. Because me, I'm good at distracting myself from what I need to do.
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