May 29th, 2006

Triskell Knot

Contest Survival

What with one thing or another - mostly karaoke logo creation - I didn't make it to the con until about 6:00 yesterday.

So me and my laptop had dinner at the Coffee Garden, then we betook ourselves to the bar.

'Twas another oddish show, in large part because of the contest finals. We had a crowd of very enthusiastic supporters. For pretty much everyone.

In fact, "enthusiastic" probably would characterize the night right there. Well, maybe that and "inebriated". There was a lot of alcohol consumed last night.

The contest itself went off without much of a hitch, except that (1) I got shanghaied into being a judge, again, (2) We didn't exactly all agree this time, and (3) bluize decided to shoehorn Gretchen into the finals. That last was the subject of a great deal of comment, none of it positive. I imagine it would have been even more comment if she'd won.

The finalists were all pretty damn good. In the end, lucydogstringer won. I won't argue, since he's the one I personally thought should win.

The amusing thing is that getting him to the bar involved coaxing by multiple people. He intially was supposed to close at his restaurant, until his boss got wind of the situation, and told him to stop acting like a little old man and go to the contest. It was apparently orders from supersniffles that got him out of his car in the parking lot. Insecurity can be quite amusing. And infuriating.

I ran until 1:55, which got me just into the beginning of a fourth round.

Afterwards, I poured a very drunk timenchanter into my car, and wended conward, where we had supper at the very same Coffee Garden. After a bit, we managed to capture (and feed) a Jasmine. An hour or so of that, and Timmie could more or less stand unaided - so he called up Cindi, and invited us all up to her room.

We had a fun time there, though I feel rather bad for interrupting her and elynne, who were sleepy and, well, other things. We babbled on until about 5:00am, when Erin summarily ordered us all out. I think she was just a bit miffed that Timmie had passed out and was snoring...

Then home, and sleep.

Today, I've been up for several hours, which isn't necessarily healthy. But I've got the old songbook data successfully transferred to a MySQL database.

And I'm about to clean up and head to Kris' birthday party.
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