May 24th, 2006


Holding Hands

Most of my spare time for the last few days has been taken up with property layout. In the process, I've at least learned more GIMP tricks, and also gotten myself a new (cheap) CAD program: CadStd. It's definitely limited, but it's cheap (The "pro" version is $25). And I'm getting pretty good with it.

Otherwise, I performed my main reason to be here today: I held Frida's hand while she went to SF and got her old marriage license. She needs it for the NZ emigration thing. A remarkably easy process, except that at some level, she really doesn't want to admit that marriage ever occurred.

Not much otherwise. Howard came by, and we finally talked a little: His company won't do for my needs. Sad, that.

And otherwise, hanging out, eating Frida's cooking, and the like.

I'd normally go home tonight, but apparently she seriously wants me around tomorrow for something, so I'll hang out for another day. It's such a terrible burden, but I'll manage somehow.
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