May 23rd, 2006

Sri Yantra

Worlds Collide

While late, I still managed to start yesterday's show close to on time. Depending on your definition of "close."

It was a pretty busy night. Not just a busy night for a Monday, but a busy night in general. Even trivialt was there! There were a few factors:

The ever-lovely spondee decided to drop by, and convinced several people to join her. As timenchanter put it: "How can you refuse such a hot blonde?"

A larger effect was the BayCon contingent. People have begun to congregate for the con, and a few - and local friends - decided to meet at KoC. The rotation actually reached 26 at one point.

Hopefully a few of these people will be back...

So it was an entertaining time. Quite a lot was going on - towards the end of the evening, lucydogstringer decided it would be fun to be outrageous towards firestrike. The result wasn't exactly as expected:

You know it's a successful show when several people are hunting for their clothes at the end of it...

After the show, I took synkitty home, then went back to my place. A little bit of fiddling online, then sleep - I needed to get up "early" to meet Frida in SF. Of course, she had forgotten, so I went to lunch with Timmie.

The weather was wonderful, so we had lunch outside at the Falafel Drive-in. Then we took a look at the oddly cheap property in San Jose - in fact, verified with the county that it was a valid lot. It's a small little place, mostly consisting of an old barn. But it's actually a reasonably nice neighborhood...

After that, I took a nap, then came up to Alameda, where Frida has fed me one of her standard delicious dinners. Frida and Stuart are busily searching travel sites on their laptops (They may be doing a family trip to Europe), and I just finished fruitlessly trying to fix a wireless problem of Timmie's from here.

And that's about it. I've finished "fixing" the photos I wanted, but I haven't done anything of value with the fixed photos...

Oh, and Frida and I have been testing Amaretto mixers.
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