May 22nd, 2006


Days and Toys

Yesterday I fiddled around as usual, then headed up into the mountains. I was supposed to visit my parents (pushed off from Saturday), and I also wanted to look at an extremely cheap lot of land in Redwood Estates.

This meant, among other things, enjoying the Santa Cruz mountain tradition of an hour-long traffic jam on Highway 17. Minor accident, major slow-down.

The lot was hard to find, and once found, was hard to see. That's because it's essentially a cliff. I should have taken a picture: A lone real estate sign on the edge of the precipice.

Actually, if I had the money, time, and inclination, I could build a really interesting home there. But I don't.

I finally made it to my parents, who were also being visited by their friend Carol. She's always fun. Though she did point out that I'm mistaken about some tax aspects of selling the house...

After a couple of hours, it was time to go, so I zoomed on down to KoC.

The show last night was pretty damn busy. Even trivialt was there. In some ways this was a shame, since we were doing another contest installment. Several new people had to wait across the hour of the contest and half the rotation to sing. Hopefully they'll be back.

I listed the contest results over here. At least this time Joe was there at a reasonable hour, and he ran the show at a decent clip. I just wish the rules didn't change every week.

Kinda typically, he took down my info, and said he'd email me as soon as he got home. Apparently he's not home yet.

Things gradually slowed down after that. I finished the end of the third round at about 1:30, closed up, then decompressed at Cardinal Lounge.

I've gotta learn to lay off the pecan pie.

Then some sleep.

Today I've been playing with GREYCstoration, a free inpainting (among other things) program. There are some lamps I'm interested in selling. Unfortunately the only images I can find for them are overlaid with extremely ugly (and misspelled) text. Which has got to go.

It's been a bit hit or miss, but I think I've finally figured out how to properly use the program. The first time I ran it, it apparently found the JPEG artifacts around the erased text, and did a remarkably good job of filling the text back in.

Right now, I'm sitting at Red Robin having dinner - a chicken burger that turned out rather surprisingly to have a beef patty in it.

I'd complain, but it's not bad, I'm hungry, and I'm terribly late getting to the bar.
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