May 21st, 2006


Time Flies

A couple of days go by...

Friday night was CCF with misswong77. This week's participants were, well, myself and Lucinda. After dinner, and a fair amount of talking whilst hogging our table, we wandered over to the Apple store so she could drool over the new MacBook. The black one - she definitely needs to get the black one.

Then home, where I went back to wrestling with CSS. The problem, now, is that I understand the spec reasonably well. Too bad the browser developers have had such a problem with it...

Saturday was the one-year Hamptons anniversary party. After a little shopping, I got there around 2:30. I believe I left after midnight. The party had largely wound down, though intrusting and trivialt were still up, watching the first X-Men movie.

Good day, good people. It's hard to encapsulate an event like that.

Here's what it did to Alex&Jeff:

I only had my phone with me, so I didn't really take pictures - except for that one.

swanhart introduced me to Jim Beam. The two of us got along famously after that.

I spent a huge amount of time sitting at the table on the patio, talking to people, and trying to duck the volleyball of DOOM. The guys must have been the most incompetent volleyball players on the planet - even without me playing. Every second set, the ball went over a fence. They got it caught in every plant in the yard. And, they managed to punch a hole through the trellis above the table.

Not to mention the times it landed on the BBQ. So conversations outside had a kind of dodgeball feel. "Yes, I understand what you're saying, but what I really want to know is WATCH OUT!"...

Later in the evening, ajayav managed to turn part of the party into a massage-fest, leaving limp bodies in random spots on the floor. I participated happily, both on the receiving and giving end.

It's always fun reducing a girl to a quivering mass...

And many, many other things. The impromptu group around Sami downloading porn. Documenting the Sami costume changes, for that matter. At one point, she was leaning back against a wall, wearing a wife-beater, and we at the table were talking about the whole James Dean look.

I believe it was wissavix that came up with "Rebel without a cock." I later passed that on to Sami, who's apparently planning to use it as an IM tagline.

Altogether a fine time. They're probably cooking breakfast for the hangers-on right now...

And I should go back to sleep for a bit.
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