May 17th, 2006


Not a Whole Lot

After dinner last night, I drove around for a bit, then went back to my room.

Where I finally settled down to reading the CSS spec, rather than depending on various "tutorials."

I'm about halfway through, and it already makes a huge amount more sense than anything else I've seen.

I've been going through CSS2, since that seems to be what's mostly presently (more or less) supported.

So that, sleeping, and the occasional webcomic kept me going until the evening.

Oh - with a break when I gave mena_kissesoh1 a ride, and took the opportunity to do some random Costco shopping.

I didn't start heading to Alameda until 6:30. I didn't get here until they'd finished dinner, but they'd left a little Vietnamese in case I showed up.

So the evening mostly consisted of that and watching Kingdom of Heaven. Silly story - in fact almost more anti-crusader than deserved - but worth it for the cinematography.

Stuart and Frida are going on a school camping trip with Sabrina in the morning, so I'm about to head home.
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