May 15th, 2006


Sunday Sunday Sunday

Among yesterday's huge excitements was shopping for my parents. Mom is still feeling pretty beat-up (literally), so they emailed me a list, and off I went. Well, off I went after multiple hours of soporific delay.

Which means it was 6:30 by the time I got to their place with the stuff.

I rushed back down as fast as was practical, and got to the bar at, oh, around 7:10, which wasn't too shabby at all. So I proceeded to talk with bluize and Gretchen. Sigh.

I didn't get the show started until around 8:20, in the end. Of course, I only had three people signed up by that point, so it wasn't too too much of a problem. Still, not good.

And then people started coming in. It actually got busyish there for a while, though the longest rotation was probably about 75 minutes or so.

trivialt didn't show up, though he did leave a very groggy voicemail that I finally listened to around 4:00am.

It was hot in the bar last night. It was hotter in the DJ booth than the rest of the bar. And I discovered, through practical testing, that rehydrating using pint glasses of gin&tonic doesn't work all that well. Not to mention making one's announcements more slurred than usual.

valeriesparks and mr_seed showed up after a long absence (for her, at least). Apparently, she managed to finagle Mondays off, and so will be at the bar more. Yay!

There were a number of new people - and also Jim&Cora, who normally patrol the standard karaoke circuit. I suspect they were there for the karaoke contest that didn't happen.

I ran a total of 6 rounds, finishing the last one at 1:55. Then I shut down, took Heather home, then Jasmine home, then wended my way to Cardinal Lounge.

Then back home, where I haven't really slept all that much, unfortunately. Glad I bought that room air conditioner last year, though.
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Thank Chaos

While it's quite warm in here, it's not a blast furnace like last night.

So I'm continuing my experiments in hydration using massive quantities of gin&tonic under slightly different circumstances.

Now if I could only get more than 5 people in here...
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