May 13th, 2006


IQ Challenger Speaks

On a whim, I checked the IQ Challenge web site, to see if there were any updates since the I'm brilliant/You're stupid IQ test went up.

And there have been - he/she has taken it down, and put up a quick description of the scam.

Well, mostly a rant about how terrible IQ tests are. In their opinion, at best IQ tests make you into a git, at worst into a loser.

While they have a definite point (I'm not incredibly proud to have been a member of Mensa. They were mostly, well, a bunch of gits), they also seem to rather over-stress the importance of the tests, and lean just a little teensy bit into the git category themselves.
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DeYoung and De Restless

I finally got myself together and met up with swanhart at 2:00 yesterday. He was fortunately just finishing up some remote work as I got to Barefoot. I said "Hi!" to nikari, and talked a bit - then had both a hot cider and an, umm, yummy piroshki-like thingy loudly announced for "Juicy Brucie." Sigh.

After eating, Justin and I drove up to the City. The rough idea was to find a museum or two, maybe walk in Golden Gate park. We parked in the first place that presented itself, which turned out to be the carpark for the DeYoung.

And that's where we spent the afternoon.

I don't think I've actually ever been to the DeYoung before. I'd think that I'd remember the structure - it's quite unique. The view from the observation tower is superb, too.

The place isn't exactly built for structured browsing, but I think we managed to see everything.

It turns out Justin and I are pretty well matched for museum browsing. We both go at pretty close to the same pace, and we both have a similar geeky sense of humor, coupled with real respect for the artwork.

What truly made it great was that they were hosting a large exhibit on the Arts and Crafts movement, something that's always been of huge interest to me. When Larri and I went to London lo those many years ago, one of our specific destinations was the William Morris Gallery.

I'm not totally sure when we left - probably around 7:00. We drove off, ostensibly in search of dinner. In effect, we just zig-zagged through the City, taking in the sights.

When we finally got hungry enough, I navigated him toward Nick's Lighthouse, my favorite restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf. Then, after the usual gyrations through city streets, we found our way back down to the South Bay.

Since I'm a glutton for punishment, as soon as I got back to my car, I took my yawning self to the Sherwood Inn, where I helped isabeau10 and her husband Rick celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. It had nothing at all to do with the fact that the lovely wissavix was in the party. timenchanter was there before me, but it took a while for the rest of them to arrive. cekyr0 and jeffercine had apparently given up and left about 5 minutes before Timmie showed up...

Around midnight, I gave up and headed home. To find a large cockroach on my bed. A large cockroach that escaped me before I could stomp it.

I spent most of the night dozing in my chair for some reason. I finally went to bed around 8:00, because, well, they don't like light...

This is the third large cockroach I've found. I'm wondering what the hell they're eating - I don't exactly eat in my room that often, and I'm not the messiest eater on the planet, either.

It's apparently time to break out the boric acid.
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