May 8th, 2006

Triskell Knot


I spent a couple of hours at the hospital yesterday evening. My dad was doing pretty good - his top problem seemed to be getting a headache from having the back of his head on a pillow for too long.

Some things are apparently genetic...

I don't know how he's doing today - he was supposed to be released, but I've been fiddling around and sleeping all afternoon. Way too much of the former, and not enough of the latter.

I got to the bar pretty much on time, and proceeded to crawl through preparations. So much so that I didn't start until 8:20, which irritated synkitty to no end. That was fun.

And I proceeded with what began as an incredibly slow show. When Joe from SJ Gay Pride eventually showed up, he worried about this being typical - hence the decision to do the next stage of the contest on Thursday.

We started the contest a little after 9:30, I believe - which explains the low turnout. Our first week of "Gay Idol" had a total of four contestants.

And as it progressed, people actually started showing up. The place had a reasonable crowd - and I had an unreasonable backlog of singers - by the time the contest was over. Timing is everything.

From where I was sitting, it was a reasonably fun, low-key night of 6 rounds. But out in the wilds of the bar, drama was breeding. For one thing, both Synthia, misdev and Angel were in the bar at the same time. As far as I could tell, there were no actual interactions - Devon simply got smashed and happy, and Angel took her home. But that level of proximity was enough to make me hear about it until 4:00am.

Then, of course, there was qzar_mystik's situation, which I heard about later while Synthia was pausing to draw breath.

And then there was a certain amount of silly cliquishness surrounding the contest. This is one of the reasons I dislike contests. It's for fun, people! Cut out the "My guy is better than your guy" crap! Please!

Oh yeah - a very exhausted trivialt showed up for a bit after the beach party.

Then there was the stalker. I'm sorry if I sound racist, but this was one of our drunk hispanic stalker-types. I honestly can't tell if he's been there before or if this was a new one. I think it's the blank zombie expression that makes it hard for me to tell these particular guys apart.

He apparently approached pretty much every female in the bar, including offering exhorbitant amounts of money to Angel. Mostly, though, he just hung on women.

bluize eventually kicked him out of the bar. As we learned later, he didn't leave, but simply proceeded to drink in his van, which was parked in front of the bar.

Among the new people at the bar last night was an incredibly cute young lesbian couple - Jen and Jenell. Jenell, especially, is a gorgeous young woman with an extremely nice voice, and a fondness for Rent. They will hopefully be back.

They were both quite smashed at the end of the evening, and hung out in the bar (and on each other) until I, Anthony, Synthia and Jasmine left. As we all talked a little bit - lucydogstringer had insisted we meet up with him at Denny's - the two of them wandered down the street.

With the stalker-mobile keeping pace. Anthony decided to walk with them, but that didn't seem to have much effect on our intrepid predator. In fact, when I pulled out of the parking lot, Anthony had managed to convince them to head back to the bar - and the van had swung around to follow.

I pulled up next to them (With the van idling in a parking lot 10 feet away), and we all tried to convince the two of them that this might be a problem. They were that drunk.

Finally, we convinced them to pile into the back seat, and I drove them to their cars, which for some reason were parked in a lot about half a mile down Moffett. In the process I somehow shook off the van.

They settled in to sober up, and we headed to Denny's, where we met back up with Anthony.

By this time, of course, Steven, our Denny's organizer, had taken off. But we certainly had enough topics of conversation.

After dropping Synthia and Jasmine off at home, I got back to mine - it was 4:00am by this point - fiddled around for a couple of hours, then dropped off to sleep.

At 11:00, I crawled back to consciousness, cleaned up, and headed out to have lunch with timenchanter. We were joined by cekyr0, which made for an especially good time.

Then back home, and several hours of semi-consciousness. I'd better get in the shower.
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