May 7th, 2006



I finally made it to the hospital last night a little after 7:00, and found my way to my dad's room.

He's doing much, much better - in fact he was looking pretty good.

My mom left around 8:30 or so, and I left about an hour after that. Apparently they aren't sticklers for visiting hours, which is good. The family in the "Bed behind the curtain" were both entertaining and somewhat frightening. "Come now, ji-chan, it took you 10 minutes to finish that last can of juice. You need to get more energy!"

I somehow feel the need to point out that (1) ji-chan had just been wheeled back from the recovery room, and (2) she had previously complained about the juice because he's borderline diabetic.

Parents, don't let your kids grow up to be morons. Or seriously resentful and passive-aggressive.

Speaking of passive-aggressive, Dad and I had some actually good conversations after Mom left. That was "speaking of passive-aggressive" because, well, I was involved. If you've got it, flaunt it, and all that.

We've always had a kind of closed-off/stagnant relationship, for, well, the usual parent/child reasons. While I wasn't your usual rebellious teen, I had a lot of issues, and still do. Mom would complain about having to buffer between the two of us, and said it was mostly because we were too damn similar...

In addition, the family way of handling conflict is to ignore its presence. That brings a pall of silence down faster than anything on the planet. This probably has a lot to do with both Mom and I finding conflict of any form near physically painful.

I kept to myself pretty much through most of my childhood.

It was fun watching him charm the nurses. Either he's no longer doing the stuff that used to embarrass the heck out of me, or it no longer bothers me at all. I suspect the latter.

After I left, I quickly grabbed some Taco Bell, then got tapped to transport Mena's friend Christina back to Job Corps before curfew.

Then a couple of hours of breather, and off to supersniffles's place. She needed a bit of relaxing, so I took her to Garden City for some decent food and space to vent. Much fun, as is usual around Cindi.

Dropped her off, went home myself, and for some reason back to sleep. Still, I can't say it was an unproductive day.

I just woke back up, and am getting myself ready to head back to the hospital.
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Sri Yantra

Le Sigh

The problem with regularly doing favors for people is that they start to take it as a given.

It's just annoying to be ordered to give a service that one is kind enough to provide for free.

But then what should I expect for riders of the short bus?

In totally unrelated news, synkitty and Jasmine will be at the show tonight.
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