May 6th, 2006

Triskell Knot

In and Out

After my last post, I went and visited my dad in the hospital. He had just got out of surgery for his knee (again). The new doctor has apparently claimed that she doesn't know what the hell the original surgeon was thinking - there were apparently so many sutures under his knee cap that he had this one, huge balled knot by the time she looked.

Plus the MRSA. It's just been a joy. So she apparently snipped all that stuff out, and cleaned the goop out as well as possible. I mostly was around him in recovery, as he tried to handle the pain.

I left him and mom about the time he was transferred to his isolated room (They try to cut down on the spread of MRSA), then headed up to the Vibe's anniversary party. It was less busy than I was hoping, but I suppose busier than one should expect on Cinco de Mayo.

I mostly hung out and geeked with swanhart. But I also talked quite a bit with cekyr0, cybrenn (who introduced me to Jäger bombs), and a new guy named Nick.

In surprise news, Chris and Noe showed up an hour before closing. It was nice to see them after all this time.

Around 2:20 or so, Justin and I finally stopped talking by the simple method of walking away suddenly, and I headed out to Cardinal Lounge, and ate way too much while surfing on the laptop.

Then home to my personal patient, the backup.

I finished the verify phase of the backup somewhere around 8:00am, and then discovered I had some Trojans on the system I had just backed up. So I spent time getting rid of those, and running a fresh virus scan. Not to mention clearing out a lot of files that hadn't needed backing up in the first place.

What with one thing or another - plus PHP MySQL research - I didn't wake up until just now.

Which means I've got to hustle like crazy to see my dad before visiting hours are over. Dammit.
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It Comes Back to Me

Right, right - I wasn't looking at MySQL much at all. I was, but that's pretty simple.

It was all the font research, plus figuring out why Inkscape wasn't seeing the new fonts (Known bug, have to delete a file), plus looking into how to convert SVG files to PDF using PHP.

Because one wants to make pretty, smooth, printable output from one's website, no? At least if one is thinking of doing book publishing, and possibly slip printing, from there...
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