May 3rd, 2006


Making a Splash

Last night, timenchanter and I started the evening (from my point of view, at least), by having ourselves a pleasant, if quick dinner at ThepThai.

From there we walked to Splash, and met up with everyone who was already there.

It was valeriesparks's birthday party, so there was quite a turnout.

I had a great time, mostly flirting around - my favorite activity. It was great to spend a little time with Valerie - it's been too long.

I also had a really good conversation with Gretchen. Those don't happen too often.

Timmie and I went home at closing, where he went to sleep, and I started in on my latest attempt at a backup.

That extended through this evening, and may have frozen by the time I left.

What with one waste of time or another, I didn't really get to sleep until 8:00am - then woke up around 2:00.

After more wastage - and more backup watching (and, to be honest, some more practice on my dad's site) - I got myself cleaned up, picked up Timmie, and headed to Alameda.

We've been here for a while. Frida's fed us waaaay too much good food, as usual.

I'm presently fighting a food coma. And gradually losing...
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