May 2nd, 2006


It's All Cindi's Fault

I was incredibly late to the show last night - I mean, it's supposed to start at 8:00 on Mondays, and I didn't even get there until 8:27 or so.

All of which wouldn't have happened if supersniffles hadn't loaned me the book Plutonium Blonde. So it's her fault I was late, because the book was captivating enough that I didn't realize how late it was until I was finished.

Yeah, that's it.

Sigh. Anyway, I finally got everything together and running by a little after 9:00. And, granted, I believe the only people in the bar were myself, dwo, and mvmedic. So it wasn't too serious.

William, by the way, brought in 3 more discs, so the unsorted pile is getting pretty huge.

After all that, it turned into a pretty good night. We had around 10 people in the rotation right up to the end.

After the show, I took Heather home, then bounced back to Cindi's, where she fed me again, and we watched the pilot of "Dead Like Me." Cool show.

Then home, a bit of sleep, and then up again to have lunch with timenchanter.

Then I did some generic shopping (The cats can eat again! Joy!), and settled in with a fresh pile of DVD-Rs to try the latest attempt at disaster recovery backup for my main computer.

Which just crashed. That's two programs down, and a definite feeling that something suspicious is going on.

I'm going to have to look into this some more. But shortly I should head to Splash for valeriesparks's birthday party.
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