May 1st, 2006


Silent Hill and Friends

I was late to lunch yesterday. Not that me being late is news. And it was only 15 minutes.

The group at Tied House included myself, cekyr0, jeffercine, yammylee and Chris. It looked like we all had a good time - I certainly did - though the food was, well, OK. Nothing to write home about.

Afterwards, Alex, Jefferson, and I headed up to the Shoreline Century theater to see "Silent Hill". We were joined by quite a few people - in fact I don't know all of them - but it included Kelly, swanhart, and nikari.

This must have been something like Kyle's fifth or sixth time seeing the movie. I originally thought it was because he really liked the game, but after seeing a close-minded, evil, fanatical cult leader get hers, it seems pretty clear that it's more a matter of catharsis.

My apologies if that was a spoiler for anyone.

I liked the movie. Well, the parts I saw. I did a fair amount of cringing down into my seat, as well as taking my glasses off. Kelly (on my left) hopefully found that more amusing than irritating. Alex (on my right) was too busy trying to hide behind Jefferson to notice much.

I've never played the game, so I don't know how it compares to the basic game plot, but it was a reasonably moving story. With large amounts of gore, burning flesh, and ravenous human-faced cockroaches. What's not to like?

Then I ran up to the bar - late by half an hour this time. I hadn't figured on the 25 minutes of previews before the movie started. We weren't exactly packed by that point, so it didn't matter too much.

The bar was still decorated for Isaac's birthday party, and I gotta say, after that movie, walking into a dark, empty building filled with balloons and decorations was just a little creepy.

I got the show going by about 8:20, I believe. And things picked up pretty well. While the bar certainly didn't reach a "crowded" point, it was reasonably full for most of the night.

I closed at 1:55, after giving up on finishing a sixth round.

Unusual attendees included rickshaw, Jenni, and Sunny (Who brought in her friend Jenny from Washington).

Usual attendees included both trivialt and qzar_mystik. Stan took off at one point and returned an hour later. Anthony, believe or not, sang "Rent" songs. I still don't know how he convinced dwo to play Mimi...

Definitely a good night. Afterwards I carted Jasmine home, then decompressed at the Cardinal Lounge.

Then sleep. Lots of sleep. Well, and some shopping around for a backup program. And now I need to get cleaned up for tonight.
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