April 30th, 2006


A New Day Dawns

There is nothing in the world quite like that feeling you get when a process you've been nursing for near 24 hours freezes solid.

About 3am last night, the backup I'd started the previous morning at 6am just stopped. No errors, no complaints - and no blinking lights on the DVD burner, either.

Who knows why? Possibly because it's an image backup, and several processes had changed the disk in the previous 24 hours. Possibly because of a conflict with the system. Possibly because of inherent orneriness. I'm sure I don't know.

I slept on it, because after that length of time, you don't feel safe killing it - what if it was just about to start up again? But today it was still frozen, and I pulled the plug. Kinda literally - damn machine froze while trying to reboot.

So I'll look for a different backup solution. It's not a huge deal, just irritating.

Otherwise, it's being one hell of a nice, ummm, "morning". The breeze through my window is soft, the light is pleasant, and even the sound of the cars passing outside has that oddly hushed early summer day quality. The one that somehow happily says "It's really great right now, but the temperatures later today will kick your ass."

So I'm in not that bad of a mood - besides, I'll be seeing cekyr0 for lunch in two hours.

I've actually done some research into recovering the main song database, which would be the first step towards doing something about new books.

Anything to avoid the eBay project, it seems. Sigh.
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