April 27th, 2006


Alone and Together

I finally got myself dressed and ready for social interaction Tuesday night by about, oh, 11:00. So I headed on over to Cardinal Lounge, and hung out some more with my laptop. I was saved from dessert by the fact that my battery died. My laptop eventually eats them, and this one is down to an hour's autonomy.

I still felt like being out of the house, so I plugged the laptop into the car, and parked up on Communications Hill again.

After a couple of hours of that I went home and slept for a few hours, then back up and at the laptop.

It's amazing how long it takes to do something in CSS when you don't know what you're doing.

Apart from some missing content, I have my dad's website pretty much whipped into shape now - in fact, my parents had to call me to both tell me how much they loved the design. Is cool, that. When I actually have it up, I'll be posting a link - I think I did pretty good, if awfully slowly.

Now I just want to play with handheld and text views. But then I'm like that - I'll twiddle forever with what's essentially finished.

Frida called and cancelled today's visit, so I went out, bought a veggie tray, and headed on down to the Hapmtons.

Quite an interesting night. trivialt was cooking Greek food, and brought quite a little feast. Delicious - in fact I kept cramming my face all night, what with one thing and another.

intrusting got himself tickled to within an inch of his life, and dragged all over the house.

Sam (Sammie? Sami? Sammy? I don't know how she normally spells it) kind of quietly walked into the family room with a nice spaghetti-strap top, and waited for someone to notice her. She may have gotten more than she bargained for. She found herself dressed up and posed by several gay men with artistic aspirations. jeffercine is supposed to be posting some of the pictures.

She's got one individual who'll be dragging her off to photo shoots, and another that gave her contact information for a photographer he knows.

She is pretty damn hot.

And I'm pretty damn sleepy. Sleep. Now.
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Not much today. I've twiddled with the website for a bit, but nothing exciting.

And I've done my best to get back in a selling mood. Not quite there, but it's getting better. I need to generate some excitement, and actually do something new.

Maybe tomorrow. Who knows.

Otherwise, my main accomplishments for the day so far are:
  • I've washed shirts, pants, and underwear.

  • I've filled out my first sales tax return form (With a whooole buncha zeros).

I've gotta start selling at a reasonable rate before they take my license away, dammit...
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Ever notice how just one thing can trip you up for the rest of the night?

The show's been going pretty well, but I've been off-balance through the whole thing.

Why? Someone rewired all the speakers, and I had to put it back, not just because I couldn't tell what went where - the whole right side of the stage wasn't wired up. Not to mention that all the bar but the subwoofer was wired up to just one amp.

I was already running a little late (as usual), but the testing and rewiring took an extra 35 minutes of crouching and sweating behind the DJ equipment.

I'm sweaty and dusty and grouchy. But I think I'm covering at least the grouchy part reasonably well...
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