April 24th, 2006


Oh Dear

Yanked from spondee.

If I'm the powerhouse, we're all in trouble.

You scored 63 Industriousness, 32 Centrality, and 7 Causticity!
You're a mitochondrion!

The mitocondria is a "power plant" of the cell. Nothing could ever get done in the cell without you creating energy. Since both the Citric Acid cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation happen inside the mitochondria, you are critical to every eukaryotic cell.

You are always a hard worker, no matter what you are tasked to. Most of the time, you tend to be working in the background, but that often suits you just fine. You get along with almost everyone, and aren't these the most important things?

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 55% on Industriousness
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You scored higher than 44% on Centrality
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You scored higher than 0% on Causticity
Link: The Which Cell Organelle are you? Test written by fading_shadows on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test
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Around and About

I finally managed to crawl out of the shower yesterday a little after 2:00. mena_kissesoh1 and Gretchen were still waiting for me, so we and Mellie headed off to Fresh Choice for lunch.

Mellie was actually remarkably well-behaved. For Mellie.

We came back home, then I went out geek-shopping with Gretchen. She wanted some advice on what to get to build herself a decent PC. I'm not the best to ask, but also not the worst - I took her to Central Computer and the Lawrence Fry's, and gave her some minimal advice on components, what she'd need to get, and we went through basic pricing.

In the process, I replaced my flash card. I now (squee!) have a 1GB Sandisk Plus card, which functions both as an SD card and a USB flash card. Yes, I managed to find myself a flash multi-tool. I also finally managed to work "squee" into a post, as part of the "irritate nightvzn" project.

After dropping her off, there wasn't really much time left, so I rushed to the bar. Not a huge crowd at that point, but still, several people had to wait while I plugged everything together.

Last night's show was really, really nice. We almost had a crowd. The rotation started at around 12 people, grew to 16, and stayed there for about 3 rotations. Then people started going home to do this "sleep before work" thing they always do. I finished the 8th round at about 1:40, which meant I was able to get 2 songs in for both supersniffles and her coworker Lisa.

Lisa apparently plans to be back, which is cool, because she's quite an impressive singer. Speaking of impressive singers, Dianna came back and sang several rounds. It looks like the bar's picked up a new regular. She looked a little surprised when I greeted her by name...

neo83 appears to be making a habit of coming in, and brought a nice little party. Both trivialt and (ahem) qzar_mystik showed up.

After the show, I performed my usual short bus services, dropped Heather off at home, then synkitty and Jasmine at theirs. I unwound and had supper at Cardinal Lounge, went home, and went to bed.

Today I did the usual sleep in two shifts thing - in fact timenchanter woke me up at about 5:15 when he called on his commute from work. In between, I worked on my dad's website some more. I wanted a background, and rather than search the web endlessly, we scanned a couple of my mom's Indian outfits. I figured out how to convert one of those to a tileable texture, and then played with the image until it was recognizeable, but desaturated enough to read.

I swear it's a complete and utter coincidence that it was purple, and that I had to convert the color scheme to various purples and violets.

Otherwise, I've been typing this, and responding to phone calls. I will now jump into the shower, because I am LATE.
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