April 11th, 2006



I ran across this article, which might be of concern to a few people.

Essentially, there's been an outbreak of a form of fungus that grows on corneas - apparently, an increasing problem. The direct cause isn't known yet, but there appears to be an 85% correlation between the problem and the use of ReNu contact lens solution. Bausch&Lomb have suspended shipping the product pending an investigation.

The fungus can cause temporary blindness, and if it gets too serious, permanent corneal scarring.

All of which comes down to: If you're using ReNu, you might want to consider trying another brand, at least until more results come out.
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Good Night

Last night's show was, well, cool.

Of course, it started with me arriving the latest I believe I've done - a little after 8:00. For most Mondays, this wouldn't be too serious, but this time there were actually people in the bar - cekyr0 and jeffercine, for one thing.

I managed to get started by 8:30, so the damage wasn't too serious.

And it turned into a pretty good show. There were more people in the bar than Sunday - and certainly more people in the rotation. Not that it got insane or anything, but the average round length was about 14 people.

Heck, even trivialt showed up.

Hard to describe, really - it was just a really good, and fairly mellow, party. Even if I did have Alex yell "Hell, no!" about a couple of songs I gave him. And I believe it was Stanley who called me a motherfucker for my choice of song...

I don't remember the song, but his revenge was making me sing "No Scrubs."

I was in pretty good song choice form.

At one point, cybrenn requested that a swing song be sung, so I did "Zoot Suit Riot". As a result I had three couples actually swing dancing on the floor. Among them Aurellia and her date, who both know how to dance. It was fairly impressive.

I normally would have closed after 6 rounds, but a lot of people had left, and Kristin had just arrived, so I ran a 7th just to give her 2 songs. She didn't realize I'd just spontaneously put her in the rotation, and kept blaming bluize. I just wish she'd realize that actually does have a nice voice.

Sigh. I was trying to convince her of that, so she gave me a tip for the flattery. I suppose I shouldn't be too unhappy about it.

Last night was the return of synkitty and Jasmine, so I gave them a ride home after the show.

Then I went and surfed at the Cardinal Lounge. I think I now know where to sit for a fairly solid wireless connection. I also kept myself to a sandwich, and managed to avoid the siren call of dessert, and so slept pretty well.

And woke up way too early this morning. I've got to manage something more or less productive, and also get to Alameda. But by the time I start, I'll be about ready for my afternoon nap.

Life is so hard.
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My trip up to Alameda has been postponed until tomorrow. Early tomorrow, hopefully.

Which means I (1) need to feed myself, and (2) have an evening free to do fun stuff.

Like, uh, my taxes. Oops.
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Triskell Knot

The March of Progress

Since I'm not going to Alameda, I decided to head to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory, where I'm polishing off a plate of chicken and biscuits.

Scary that - I'm almost finished, too.

I'm on another hot date with the laptop, and as I usually do, I let it look for local wireless networks.

There's normally one, which doesn't connect to anything. This time there were three - one useless one named, originally enough, "Wireless", but also "tmobile" and "westfield".

The last two are pay connection access points. The TMobile one is from the Borders next door - they're in most Borders and Starbucks, and also a lot of airports. They also want $6/hr for a connection - though they're willing to give you month-to-month for $40.

The Westfield one is for most Westfield malls. It's $3/day, or you can get monthly access for $20.

Which seems to confirm the general business model of "charge Starbucks customers through the nose, because they have no concept of good value."

And this post? It's being done through my phone. I'm already paying an extra $20/month for unlimited data access, and I don't desperately need a high speed connection right now.
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