April 5th, 2006


OK So Far

My main problem right now is that I'm still in San Jose - shortly I'll be calling Frida to ask if I should bother coming up.

Meanwhile, what have I done - well, I'm finally almost registered with the vendor I've been talking to for a week or more. Once that's done, I'm going to be out of major excuses, though I'm sure I'll find something. The next stage is going to be convincing them to let me use their FTP services, but I believe I'll have to sell a chunk of stuff before they'll let me proceed with that.

I had a nice lunch with mena_kissesoh1, Gretchen, and Mellie. Mellie is actually reaching a stage where she's survivable in a restaurant environment. This is cool. We went to CPK, and then did a quick mallwalk afterwards.

We came home, I started some laundry, and fell asleep. So now I'm awake, and having to wait for my clothes to dry before I can take off. I can't say I'm incredibly worried - if Alameda falls through, I'll just head to the Hamptons...

It is a little worrisome that I haven't gotten my daily email about the website from my dad. But maybe he just didn't have anything to say. That's doubtful, though - I edited his text...
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